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Producing top quality music, making hit songs and getting your music heard requires time, experience and dedication.

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Voice Over

A voice over is read from a script and may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in a production.
Do you need to vocalize your song script and be heard? It all starts here! This is your first step to creating that melodious song. Contact us today and "LETS MAKE MUSIC".


What is Mixing?
Mixing is the process of taking recorded tracks and blending them together. Tracks are blended using various processes such as EQ, Compression and Reverb. The goal of mixing is to bring out the best in your multi-track recording by adjusting levels, panning, and time-based audio effects (chorus, reverb, delay). The aim is to sculpt your arrangement to make sense of all your tracks in relation to each other.


A jingle is a short song or tune used in advertising and for other commercial uses. Jingles are a form of sound branding and contains one or more hooks and meanings that explicitly promote the product or service being advertised. Usally, this is done through the use of one or more advertising slogans. Ad buyers use jingles in radio and television commercials and also in non-advertising contexts to establish or maintain a brand image. Many jingles are also created using snippets of popular songs, in which lyrics are modified to appropriately advertise a product or service.

Sound Effects

This is simply an artificially created or enhanced sound, or sound process used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performances, animations, video games, music and other media.


An advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. This is nothing that we can't handle. Check us out today to get your ad created and heard by the world.

Production & Composition

Music production is the process by which a record producer or music producer oversees the recording and production of a track, single, or record. This may include listening in on recordings, making suggestions for edits and alterations, or working with other professionals to ensure the record comes out as well as possible. The music production process varies from band to band, but it always includes many of the same components. In some cases, music producers write material (Compose). In others, they simply oversee its production and organize the process into a cohesive and productive effort. You can listen to some of our productions to get a taste of what we have to offer you. Don't hesitate, check us out today.


Do you need a professional opinion on how to move forward with your music career or creating that WOW song? Are you ready to work on a project to boost your career, but not sure how to do it or what steps are required to get this done?
Send us a consultation service request and we'll discuss the options you have to help you pave the way to accomplishing this goal.